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Recentemente tive a oportunidade de experimentar o shampoo e o condicionador da marca Phytoervas, que é livre de crueldade animal. Não tenho o que reclamar! Meu cabelo deu uma bela melhorada com os produtos - o que vem a derrubar o conceito leigo (para não dizer, mas já dizendo, ignorante) de muita gente que produtos que não são testados em animais possuem uma qualidade inferior aos que são testados!

O produto, apesar de caro, rende pra caramba. Para quem gosta de cabelos bem tratados e cheirosos, fica a dica!

Onde encontrar:*

Renner (Farol Shopping, Tubarão-SC)

*caso eu descubra mais lugares que tenham os produtos Phytoervas a venda, divulgarei aqui.




Fazer o bem sem olhar a quem!

Fazer o bem sem olhar a quem!


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Today commences the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha, during which millions of sheep, goats, camels, and other animals have been or will be ritually slaughtered for the occasion. (http://huff.to/19LhGk0)

The concept of sacrificing another being, in this case by slitting the throat of a fully conscious animal, always boggles my mind. Setting aside my personal distain for organized religion, it just doesn’t seem logical. Taking someone else’s life is their sacrifice, not yours. If you believe a magical person in the sky requires you to spill blood to prove your devotion, spill your own.

To the millions of animals mercilessly slaughtered today, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for the pain you experienced while your life bled away. I’m sorry for the fear you endured while witnessing family members be killed in front of you. I’m sorry humanity’s superstitions have manifested themselves in a way that costs the lives of so many human and non-human animals every day. Rest in peace.

(**Because this is the internet, and the internet breeds miscommunication and misinterpretation, I should clarify that this is not an anti-Islam post. I’m equally saddened by the 45 million turkeys being slaughtered this month in preparation for Thanksgiving).

EDIT: Based on the comments left so far, apparently I need to clarify a few more things. When I refer to superstition and believing in a magic person in the sky, I’m referencing all religion, not Islam. I realize their are nuances of all religions that I don’t understand, and I don’t pretend to. My overarching point is the sadness and futility of all the lives lost as a consequence of religion/tradition. Today, the focus is on Eid Al-Adha. Next month, you’ll see my same level of outrage regarding slaughter in preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas. For tradition, for religion, for superstition, for taste preference, for holidays, for sport, for culinary adventures, or for fashion, I will never be okay with needless killing.

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